Features & Integrations

Experience the ultimate all-in-one Cloud Call Centre Solution guaranteed to smash your campaigns out of the park

Integrate your current systems into our solution to streamline processes, increase efficiencies so you can focus on generating more customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately more revenue for your business !

  • Multi Agent & Customer Monitoring
  • Advanced Auto & Predictive Dialling
  • Integrated calls scripts, call notes and contact tagging
  • Simple Voicemail drops
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Advanced Call Recording
  • Easy WebRTC softphones
  • Extensive CRM Integration
  • Real Time Dashboards
  • Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting

Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting

We provide extensive analytics to help you monitor individual & team performance so you can focus on identifying areas of improvement and opportunities to accelerate your business. This also allows you to see a top level view of your prospects, cold leads & potential customers to help steer your decisions.

Integrated Call Scripts, Call Notes & Contact Tagging

Increase employee efficiency with integrated customer profiling and call notes. Use our easy to navigate interface and built in scripts to fast track results and increase leads per day.

Intelligent Call Routing

Our cloud based call center technology monitors and analyses incoming phone calls and sorts these into a queue and then routes each one to the appropriate agent. Our advanced algorithm identifies high intent customers and routes the call to the appropriate agent to handle the call based on their skills, previous contact and training.

We can build custom integrations with any software via our API to increase your overall business efficiency

Transition seamlessly into your workflow increasing efficiency without sacrificing your time training staff on new processes. Our solution integrates with most out of the box CRM systems, communication tools and sales platforms.